Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Diaper Delema...

With a bit of thought, and a pair of scissors, the diaper delema has been solved! Caleb had figured out every trick to get to his diaper...and get it off. I just dont think he's flexable enough yet to get this one off. Plus it's so dang cute watching him walk around with the feet of his PJs hanging off the back of his legs. Jake suggested i just cut the whole foot part off sense he wont leave them down around his feet..."and miss seeing this!?!? NO WAY!" :)
Thanks for all the advise and support with the issue, though! Potty training is in the near future. In fact, we went and got books (for me and caleb), and the potty and we were all ready..then i realized he's still in a crib! He wouldn't be able to get out and go. So now i need advise on moving your child from the crib to a bed! He can definately get out of his crib...but he never has unless we are right there! Weird hugh!?! But i've been happy! But we are definately getting to the time when we need to switch him, especially with potty training coming. So, if anyone has advise on that...i'm all ears! :)
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