Friday, April 13, 2007

Got Milk!?!?

I'm having blog issues. I publish a blog, but it never shows up. Normally my posts are mainly pictures, and might have a caption....this doesn't happen then. My blogs choose not to appear when i've written a story! So the short of it (again):
Soon after Gracie was born we discovered she has a "bubble pallet" which makes it difficult to nurse. Meaning: 30 minutes of nursing would get her one ounce of milk (a home nurse came and weighed her to see), and i would be bleeding from her trying to latch. so i quickly switched to pumping. Meaning: every few hours i pump (switching between 3 pumps, but mainly using a hand pump because it gets my milk out the best). Thank goodness for our new van with "privacy glass"!
So our 5 foot freezer is almost full of milk now. (the boxes you see are full of milk, and the shelves on the door have milk as well!) i dont know how much longer i will be pumping. it's trying. putting it lightly. right now its not too bad because after being pumped, the milk can actually stay at room temperature for 6-10 hours without having to be refrigerated. so i just bring the bottle. no cooler. no heating. once i stop pumping i will be thawing, heating, having coolers, and a way to heat the bottle while out. not looking forward to this! plus, we will be out of freezer room soon.
i dont want to sound ungrateful....i have been blessed to be able to keep my milk supply up while pumping (totally different than while nursing!). i am blessed to have so much milk stored. i am blessed to be able to still give Grace my milk, and all the benefits that go along with it!
However, if you feel like saying a prayer than Grace will be able to latch so we can nurse...that would be great!
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