Wednesday, May 30, 2007

designer jeans!

Who doesnt love designer jeans!?! Well I just learned (on Tangled and True) about a great way to get designer jeans at a fraction of the price! It's "invite only"...which only means you have to sign up to get their invite emails! Just go to The Warehouse Sale and enter to sign up!
Thanks Tangled and True!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Milk Plus

I feel the need to share...
I LOVE this product! If you saw my post showing off my milk here... this is my secret....that i dont want to be secret! Any time my milk supply would go down...i would take two pills and be back on track. I know i have heard and been apart of so many conversations of women wondering how to keep their supply store this info in your memory bank...and pass it on if there is ever a woman in need :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007


i put Grace on the floor and left the room for about a minute....when i came back she had rolled and got monkey. she loves using her hands! (i love the "what mom look")
gazing into each others eyes...
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So Fun

Grace was being so fun last night! She was playing with us for hours. I have about 50 pictures that look similar to this! {bet your shocked ;) }
i love Grace's eyes. people are always commenting on them...and i must say, i agree!

haha! i just thought this picture was so funny! love the hand on the hip! "i'm gonna chew on my hand and there is nothing you can do about it!"
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and then later that night...the usual :(
see my red eyes? mommy can always tell when i'm gonna be crying soon cause my eyes start to slowly get red.
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Monday, May 21, 2007


We have lots of birthdays around the same time in our family. Yesterday was Jake's. We had a cookout and got to hang out with friends and family. Always fun! Here's to you, Jake!
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Heart Mom

Caleb had a blast at Jake's Birthday party! He especially loved the cake! :) and I especially loved his outfit! :)
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TiTi (also know as Geneva, my sister) had her first baby shower the other night. It was so much fun, and she got lots of cute things...including this moses basket she wanted. She is "due" the end of July...and its a boy.
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Thursday, May 17, 2007


We had a great time in St. George. Like picked up realestate pamplets great! I think the main thing for me was the weather! dry. it was 97 most of our days there. but dry. wonderful. perfect! as soon as we got off the plane in VA i was sticky again! with in 5 minutes i was saying "i better see green soon, or i'm moving!" The next morning when i looked out the back door, this is what i saw! ahhh, home again!
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Lake Day

Caleb and Briana
Gracie and Mommy
Briana, covered in red clay sand :)
Caleb and Leilani's castle!
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more rock

more pictures from the hike up the rock
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St George

We climbed a rock above the city, and this is what we found... it was so pretty up there!
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Caleb and Daddy playing in the pool at the St George house. The waterfall became quite the playground!
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(all the white on the ground is cotton that was blowing around)
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Family and Friends
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Disney Land

Can you guess where we are?!? (i'm sure jake will be thrilled i posted this picture!)
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