Friday, June 22, 2007

July 4th Giveaways!

For those of you who like to try your luck in blog giveaways {i won the most adorable apron a bit ago!}...check out the 4th of July Giveaways!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last week I took some pictures of my sister and nephew! :)
As you are all aware, I am not good at posting only a couple pictures...
so here they are (a lot of them!).
{ignore the wrinkled background! I'm way amateur !}

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Alice In Wonderland

I came across this post on a blog i often visit, and i (too) had to give it props! Check out more of the Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rody Pony

We had a great trip to an awesome local toy store, PUFFERBELLIES, today! We found so many awesome toys, and got to try most of them out :)

At one point Caleb dashed off out of view. When i called his name, he came running back with this in his arms! :) He quickly set it down and jumped on and proceeded to bounce around the store! (It took me a second to figure out that he was doing exactly what it was made for!) Needless to say we love it! (and cant wait for a reason to buy one!) they range about $45. The greatest part?? Weight capacity of 300 lbs! which means all of Caleb's bigger friends can come over witout me having to hide it....and we can ride it too!!! The store owner was telling me that she had a dad ask for it for fathers day and when they came in to pick it up he rode it around with his daughter! NOW THATS A DAD!

after 30 seconds of looking, i couldnt find an "official" site for them...but here are two links.


MARU Paper Lantern

These were hanging from the ceiling in groups of three at Pufferbellies. The colors are wonderful (the web site does not do it justice!). They looked great as a decoration...and i'm sure would look great being used for their intended purpose as a light cover. Definately on the list for our kids rooms (havent decided if i will put them over a light or just hanging as decoration as i saw them in the store).

(i'm not a big fan of the Even Ribbing Paper Lantern)

check out all their goodies at

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ashley Anderson

Ashley is going to Hawaii for 2 1/2 months! Poor girl! Somehow she managed to get a photo shoot in despite her list (well, actually its bunches of sticky notes) of things to do by Saturday! Thank you so much, again, Ashley!! HAVE FUN!
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3 Amigos

This is one of my favorites. Caleb did not want to do what we he would either squirm to get away or give me love. He knows how irresistable he is when he is being lovey....and figured a few sweet loves would win him his freedom!

This is what Ashley had to work with! Caleb doing what he wanted, and me never being able to hold Grace quite right!
But we still had fun!
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Ashby Grace

Gracie is at a hard age to photograph. She doesnt want to lay back, but she cant sit up on her own yet. I think Ash did great!
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Caleb Michael

We officially announced it a tradition to get a crying picture of Caleb when Ashley takes pictures. I think they are priceless, Jake doesnt share my appreciation! ;)
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Caleb Michael

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Monday, June 4, 2007


Yesterday was cleaning day. Big time! We worked on just our room for hours! We have a lot of stuff and not a lot of space! (It will be nice when we have our own house so we can fill the whole thing {think living room} with everything we have cramed away!) Anywho! While i was cleaning the room Caleb turned on our closet light, went inside and shut the door. This is very normal. I sit outside and say "where is Caleb" or "maybe i'll go to Calebs house to visit with him" or (while knocking)"can i come in?"...and open the door and he laughs and we hug. Except this time. I opened the door to see he had climbed the (cheap plastic=would have easily tipped over and was stunned it didnt) shelving unit and was sitting on top, very content. My son shows me every day that he truly is a little boy!
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Morning Play

Our mornings have a ritual. I go get Caleb up and he runs into the room calling "acey" (he doesnt say the G), then i put her on the bed and he climbs upon her and they play. The give eachother lots of kisses! Here is a perfect example.
And Hugs!
Grace knows her family. She always has. She would be mesmerized when one of us would be in her view...and as soon as she could smile she would just cheese when one of us was there. She loves to watch Caleb. for amazingly long periods of time. she is taking it all in. and i am so thankful that he is such a good big brother and example to her.
Caleb is a very good kisser. He gives very deep loving kisses to us. Grace...shes learning. we arent too sure if she is kissing us... or eating us! we atleast know she likes the way we taste! :)
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