Monday, June 4, 2007

Morning Play

Our mornings have a ritual. I go get Caleb up and he runs into the room calling "acey" (he doesnt say the G), then i put her on the bed and he climbs upon her and they play. The give eachother lots of kisses! Here is a perfect example.
And Hugs!
Grace knows her family. She always has. She would be mesmerized when one of us would be in her view...and as soon as she could smile she would just cheese when one of us was there. She loves to watch Caleb. for amazingly long periods of time. she is taking it all in. and i am so thankful that he is such a good big brother and example to her.
Caleb is a very good kisser. He gives very deep loving kisses to us. Grace...shes learning. we arent too sure if she is kissing us... or eating us! we atleast know she likes the way we taste! :)
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