Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rody Pony

We had a great trip to an awesome local toy store, PUFFERBELLIES, today! We found so many awesome toys, and got to try most of them out :)

At one point Caleb dashed off out of view. When i called his name, he came running back with this in his arms! :) He quickly set it down and jumped on and proceeded to bounce around the store! (It took me a second to figure out that he was doing exactly what it was made for!) Needless to say we love it! (and cant wait for a reason to buy one!) they range about $45. The greatest part?? Weight capacity of 300 lbs! which means all of Caleb's bigger friends can come over witout me having to hide it....and we can ride it too!!! The store owner was telling me that she had a dad ask for it for fathers day and when they came in to pick it up he rode it around with his daughter! NOW THATS A DAD!

after 30 seconds of looking, i couldnt find an "official" site for them...but here are two links.


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