Sunday, July 29, 2007


He gets so excited he can barley stand it! :)

"Wow Dad!"

"One day I'll jump as high as, higher"

Caught, red handed, trying to sneak the sprinkler back on!
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I could spend hours watching my children sleep. i love it! Though i have found that pictures really dont compare to what its like to stand beside your kid and watch them. Their soft pudgy skin {ok, maybe caleb is just soft!}, their shallow calm breath, and the awesome positions! Its one of my favorite things.
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Caleb loves his animals. While he was in his room playing, i suddenly noticed it was a bit too quiet...and found him playing in the bathroom floor. He has started lining up his animals, which i think it adorable.
I'm not too sure i clean our bathroom floor well {or often} enough to feel comfortable with it being his play area, though!
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Bath Time

Their first bath together...
they both loved it!

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4th Parade

Have i mentioned that Caleb is always giving Gracie love? :)

Gracie and Papa

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Caleb's 4th

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Gracie's 4th

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Jake got a new truck! Which also means Jake has a new love of his life! I think the only thing that is better about me than the truck is i get better gas mileage!

And I had to add a picture of my baby. i always swore i would never be a minivan mom, and when we were shopping i was only looking at SUV's. But the dealer kept bugging me to look at the sienna (probably bec its more expensive! gotta love sales men!) and i feel in love! i am over my minivan dread and in heaven in my new car.
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A First

While I was getting ready this morning, Caleb came in wearing purple...marker on his arm! Surprisingly, this was a first.

I'm not sure grabbing the camera and taking pictures really taught Caleb that he shouldn't color on himself!!! :)
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Yesterday while Jake and Caleb were taking a bath, Caleb saw Mordakiah walk down the hall. He jumped out of the bath and grabbed the cat...deciding he needed a bath too! Mordakiah is actually very calm in the bath...but i happened to get a picture that i thought was so funny!
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My Dad is known for keeping everything. Usually its a source of teasing,
but last night i was very glad. Caleb and Dad walked into the room together and Caleb was wearing the EXACT t-shirt of my dads that I used to always wear as a night gown.
It was a very sweet moment for me. Time truly does fly!
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