Saturday, August 25, 2007

oh no...

This is Caleb's favorite girl...Brooklyn!
We were in the other room playing cards and when we went to check on them...this is what we found! :)
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meet the Ropers...we are Super!

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30-50 lb

Sense we have fallen in love with the river, i thought i should invest in some life jackets. i found these on clearance because they are the '07 model! i decided to order them larger for next summer sense the small size is birth to 30 lbs and Caleb weighs 25 and Grace weighs 20! so here she is is the 30-50 lb life vest! i thought it would be much larger...she's 7 months!
{i love my chunk!}

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Costume Arrived!

Caleb's Dragon {Halloween} costume arrived today!
Babystyle strikes again! :)
He is so excited, he even made the baby doll wear it around.
...and Gracie thinks it's yummy...

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Auntie Me

My {little!} nephew Henry is so snuggly!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kenana Knitter Critters

Thanks to Design Mom, I have come across a new company that is a must share!

All products are made with home spun wool, dyed with natural plant dye, and knitted with love by a huge group of happy women in Kenya. Each piece is signed by the woman who knitted it.

The Kenana Knitters group enables its workers to directly benefit from their efforts and create a self-sufficient community. With your purchases, we have been able to increase employment drastically in both Kenya and the United States, provide full physicals and ongoing medical treatment for each knitter and their families. We have even begun construction on a school located within the farm boundaries.

Some of my favorites...
Don't you want to snuggle the owl!?!

Monday, August 20, 2007


I came across this picture of my sister and me the other day. Caleb looks so much like Geneva {and he weighed exactly as much as she did when she was born!}, and Grace looks so much like me! It will be interesting to watch as they grow up! :)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Just to clarify....Henry is my Nephew. I guess i'm so in love that it sounds like he is my son when i write :)....but no, i did not have a 3rd....i'm a 1st time auntie :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Henry Swinson

I got to take some pictures of Henry the other was easy sense he's so cute :) He was having a snugly day, so he wasnt too thrilled with being put down for pictures...but i did get a little grin that shows off his dimple :)
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More Henry

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Church Go-er

Henry had his first church Sunday today...and looked like Daddy in his adorable shirt :) I'm in love...he's my little larva...just like caleb :)
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Grace really is awake {a lot actually} sometimes! But I just really adore seeing her sleep. If you didnt believe me before, you are probably starting to now :)
The 2nd picture is actually her sleeping in her jumper! She was just completely content jumping around one minute...and the next minute, out. She woke up quite wide-eyed, as she is used to being in a bed!
I know these arent nearly as fun for everyone else to look at, so i will try to control myself and post some awake pictures...
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Super Hero

We had a great day Saturday! We slept in {is it counted as sleeping in if you are up atleast every two hours at night?} then went to Caleb's friends birthday party...where caleb made his cape {it says My Mom Rocks on the back :)} then we came home and cleaned out the cars and washed them. Cleaning cars has never been so fun...Caleb was in charge of the hose :) He is actually very good at spraying exactly where he needs to....but he is also two and though it was hilarious when he would turn the hose on us and watch us run away screaming! {Papa is hiding behind the stairs in the last picture.}
{notice daddy's batman superhero sticker :)}
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One of my favorite things about bath time {besides the fresh clean baby skin}
is the 'do's. Tonight, the hawk :) Caleb has gotten brave about pouring the
water over his face, after he does it each time he looks at us with his proud
smile, and waits for our laugh.
I think i have told Caleb atleast a couple times each day for the past week
that he melts my heart. His sweet things make all the hard times worth it.
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Miss Kentucky

Today was my Grandparents 62nd wedding anniversary.
It was such a sweet thought...there we sat eating dinner with my amazing grandparents who have been married 62 years. 4 generations. then i thought of my marriage...its going to feel like tomorrow that i am sitting with my great grandchildren, realizing that jake and i have been married 62 years.
Today I am grateful that families are eternal...
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007