Friday, September 28, 2007


{as it has been pointed out to me} i have been very bad at blogging lately. i miss it, but life has just been hectic. Jakes sister came in town, we had a wall knocked out of our house, hard wood floors put down, a full-fledged 2 year old, and teething eight month old. Jakes work has been crazy. tonight when jake got home from his {very long} day of work he took the kids on a walk for me and gave me 20 minutes to read my scriptures. i am now refreshed enough to hop on the blog and post a couple pictures {which i actually stole from my sisters blog because i dont have the energy to download!}.
i thought i should remind everyone {including myself} that i have the best son....who simply melts my heart! i could not love him anymore, right now, then i already do. through all the tantrums that now are part of our days....i put my sweet boy into his soft PJs and snuggle him as he makes "one more shot" with his basketball before climbing into bed to say his prayers {which he now likes to say, blessing each of his friends} and his big kiss and "noses" heart melts. i just want to stay there, in that moment, for longer. i have an amazing son. i love him .

The Greats

I had another opportunity to hang out with two of the greats in this world.
I'm so grateful that they also happen to be my childrenn's Great Grandparents!
My sister summed up my grandmother wonderfully here.
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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Uncle Jed

A much deserved tribute to Uncle Jed. Congratulations on going to the temple.
You Rock and we love you!