Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Need

I recieved my full disk of pictures today...
i needed this picture.
i love my ham.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bath Time

So our kids have a bath at least once a day. They can thank Daddy for that. He loves he figures they do...and boy,they do! If Grace hears the bath running and shes not involved, she immediately drops what shes doing {and if shes being held, squirms to get down} and then crawls, faster than you can imagine, to the bathroom. It is so funny to watch. For the actual cleaning part of the bath, Grace gets put on Daddy's lap and soaped down {and caleb loves to help!}. I think this is her favorite part. She likes it!
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I mean really likes it!
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Gracie...just after a nap...i love her red cheeks!

I was trying to get a picture of when she stands, not holding on to luck tonight. lots of falling pics though :)

"what? i'm not doing anything wrong..."

"okay...well, i'll share {the cookie} with you!"
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I dont have the full CD of pictures yet...but here are a few pictures that Ashley took of Caleb. I'm in love!

Papa and Henry {Caleb and Gracie's Cousin}...sleeping

Henry loves to chat with is Dad...

...When he's not busy eating Purple People!
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


so i dont have pictures to accompany...but just wanted to give you some updates...
Caleb is in his "big boy bed" now. I enjoy being able to lay in bed with him before time to i'm glad hes in a twin bed and not the crib! :)
Which means Gracie moved to the crib, in her own room {instead of the co-sleeper in ours}. I have torn feelings about this...though it is nice for jake and I to have our room back. She does great once she falls asleep, but doesnt seem to want to be left alone in the process. So Jake and i have spent lots of time kneeling beside her bed while she gets acquainted! She has also been teething, which means up every 5 minutes...that is, after she goes to sleep at around 4am! :) Did i mention that we love our Gracie so much!?! Jake and her have a wonderful bond that i LOVE to watch! He is SO patient with her, and always volunteers to take care of her when shes upset! Its amazing!
Jake is doing great. He is still working a lot. Playing basket ball when he can, and playing basketball on the playstation when he cant. {you figure it out!}
We are still loving where we live...for the most part! :) We did just get a target {opened today!} so that is pretty exciting for our little dot on the map!
We hope you all are doing great!
oh, and i have to add...everyone needs to read {or listen to, if your like me!} No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew!!!
I never seem to get as many pictures of Gracie as i would like to. {which makes me even more thankful for Ashley!} I just thought this picture was so adorable though. She learned to take her bracelets off...and seems to be inspecting it. {before she stuck it in her mouth!}
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Monday, October 8, 2007


Thought we would begin celebrating Halloween early with some yummy cookies. You can find the recipe here. Add some, thinned, colored icing and its a craft project too!
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Caleb and Ian wrestling

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

gel man

Caleb loves to put "gel" in his hair.
{by gell i mean anything that is the texture of gel and he can squeeze}

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How Far?

I am playing a game called "how far back can i go". The object of the game is to see what pictures i missed blogging, and how far back i can go! ok, not really but i just was a slacker at blogging for a while and am seeing some pictures i missed. i saw this one and was sad i didnt post it. It was actually one of Caleb's outfits {hence the blue} that a good friend from Norway sent us. i love it so much that i decided to make a exception on my 'all pink rule' and let her wear it. :)

Is it just me, or does someone look concerned?!?
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It dawned on me that i had not posted these priceless pictures that Ashley {of course!} had taken! What was i thinking!?!? we blew the top one up and it is even more amazing "in person".
Ashley, you are wonderful! Not only your skill...but your willingness to always take picture of my kids when i see you! They mean SO much to me! {not to mention everything else...late talks, feeding me through college life, teaching me to scrapbook and make cards, always being there, not judging me ...} you are wonderful! Thank You!
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...and here are some Ashley took of Henry
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We are very excited that Caleb has a friend his age {he is the same age...just smaller}! Ian has quickly become a favorite {along with his mom, dad and baby brother}. We like to go to story time and the park on Mondays...and here they are taking "big steps".
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