Wednesday, October 10, 2007


so i dont have pictures to accompany...but just wanted to give you some updates...
Caleb is in his "big boy bed" now. I enjoy being able to lay in bed with him before time to i'm glad hes in a twin bed and not the crib! :)
Which means Gracie moved to the crib, in her own room {instead of the co-sleeper in ours}. I have torn feelings about this...though it is nice for jake and I to have our room back. She does great once she falls asleep, but doesnt seem to want to be left alone in the process. So Jake and i have spent lots of time kneeling beside her bed while she gets acquainted! She has also been teething, which means up every 5 minutes...that is, after she goes to sleep at around 4am! :) Did i mention that we love our Gracie so much!?! Jake and her have a wonderful bond that i LOVE to watch! He is SO patient with her, and always volunteers to take care of her when shes upset! Its amazing!
Jake is doing great. He is still working a lot. Playing basket ball when he can, and playing basketball on the playstation when he cant. {you figure it out!}
We are still loving where we live...for the most part! :) We did just get a target {opened today!} so that is pretty exciting for our little dot on the map!
We hope you all are doing great!
oh, and i have to add...everyone needs to read {or listen to, if your like me!} No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew!!!

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