Monday, November 26, 2007

Cousin Henry is getting very big {and happy}

full? exhausted? or just stunned by how wonderful my food was?? :)

We've {desperately} been trying to get a picture for our Christmas cards. I'm pretty sure we are going to go with one where Caleb isnt even looking at the camera! {hes not usually smiling when he is anyways!}

Gracie crawled over and hung on to Daddy's leg as he greeted her great-grandparents.
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Can't you tell grace loves having her hair put up? :(

When we left the house on thanksgiving day, it was 75 degrees. by 5 pm it was like 40!
I hadnt planned for the drop in temperature, so Grace had to borrow her brothers clothes!
{this sweatshirt is a 3T!}

I just had to add this. Its a scene that i see a lot.
Gracie will definately be a "throw yourself on the ground and have a tantrum" girl.

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Another bonus of having a wood floor...

...and some affection

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Gracie loves to feed herself. I use two spoons to feed her. as i put the food in her mouth, she grabs the spoon. i then grab her old spoon and get another mouthful of food. as i feed that to her, she grabs the spoon...and the cycle continues!
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Caleb wanted to say love you to Grandma Cindy and Papa Steve!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gracie loves Rody! She goes nuts on him...though once i pull the camera out she, of course, decides to calm down. :) I am amazed at how much it has helped her balance. She really wasnt standing too much on her own, and after 2 nights playing with Rody, she can now stand on her own for long periods of time. Rody is a developmental toy, and is often used for children with help them develop, but for some reason it still surprised me how much it has helped her balance! and she LOVES him!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We are having fun holidays!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This Halloween was a test of stamina! As we left the house, i was thinking we would go down our block and come home. i was wrong. up and down, up and down, over, up and down, up and hour and a half later we were home! Thank goodness a friend was collecting candy to donate to the troops after the holiday was over! Caleb {and Jake!} had a blast! Gracie and i endured...and took it all in with a smile! :)

Trick or Treating

Jake at trunk or treat, giving out goodies with Gracie

Mommy's Flower
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Trunk or Treat

Caleb cheating at the "no hands donut grab"

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Geneva and I took a road trip to Kansas. 17 hours in one day there, 16 hours in one day back. with 3 kids. all 2 1/2 or younger. Impressed? ;) It actually went really well and we were both amazed and ended with "we can do that a few months.".
I have extremely good friends...that i call family...that live in Kansas now. They are the family that i lived with after i was baptised. i hadnt seen them in way too long, so we ventured out.
We had such a great time and were way too spoiled {especially caleb!}. But mostly it was just so nice to see my Mommy and Daddy D again!

Pictured is their house and then a picture from off their back porch.
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While we were in Kansas, one of Calebs favorite things to do was go to the barn with Dionne.

Though i think he actually enjoyed feeding and leading the horse more than he did riding on it!

{Yes, this was supposed to be the last horse picture...i keep forgetting to blog backwards...but dont feel like doing it over!}
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While on our trip, we had the opportunity to go check out some church sites...
We went to the liberty jail and the Independence visitors center. It was a wonderful experience that i am so glad we made time for! {Caleb isnt pictured because Dionne kept him for me for the day...which takes us back to the fact that i was able to enjoy it and take it in! :)}
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There is always room for one more {or two!}
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