Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Geneva and I took a road trip to Kansas. 17 hours in one day there, 16 hours in one day back. with 3 kids. all 2 1/2 or younger. Impressed? ;) It actually went really well and we were both amazed and ended with "we can do that a few months.".
I have extremely good friends...that i call family...that live in Kansas now. They are the family that i lived with after i was baptised. i hadnt seen them in way too long, so we ventured out.
We had such a great time and were way too spoiled {especially caleb!}. But mostly it was just so nice to see my Mommy and Daddy D again!

Pictured is their house and then a picture from off their back porch.
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Charityb said...

what part of Kansas?