Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Prince is 2. Not just 2.
2 years, 8 months, and 5 days.
We have hard days.
We have hard minutes.
I sometimes get so frustrated thinking i have messed it all up.
and then a glimpse.
I feel that my children are amazing spirits.
really, my brothers and sisters that are entrusted to me.
Trusting me to guide them.
be their example.
and then, let them be.
maybe it's my laziness...
but i often let my children find their own way.
learn at their own pace.
learn how to learn.
i want my kids to have common sense.
I am not a huge disciplinarian.
we get looks.
{i get looks}
I want Caleb to learn the right...
to be able to tell what is right.
not to be afraid of doing it the wrong way.
i want to know that when i leave the room he will be the same person
he was when i was in there.
A wonderful mom once told me
"you just love them. they are good, so the rest will work out."
She told me this as her two year old was throwing a fit.
I didn't have children yet and thought "yeah, ok..."
Once having Caleb, i felt strongly about what she said.
and now...finally...
amidst the screaming and messes...
Caleb was at a play center running around with a bunch of kids he had never met. he saw a kid who was struggling to climb one of the toys. Caleb climbed up the toy and quickly turned and offered his hand to the boy. "help you". The boy looked at him like he was crazy...but it didn't faze Caleb, he went on playing. We could see other parents saw Caleb's act of kindness and hear the whispering "how sweet"s.
Caleb is a sweet boy.
At a Christmas party, Caleb had a cookie that he was thoroughly enjoying.
One of his friends wanted to have a cookie like Caleb's. So with out being asked or told, and without hesitation, Caleb broke his cookie equally {or as equally as a two year old can} in half and handed off half to his friend and went on playing without missing a beat.
Caleb is considerate.
I could give a whole list of brotherly ones with grace.
Today, Jake was rolling around on the floor and Caleb and I were climbing on top of him. We were laughing and having so much fun. Gracie was crawling after us as fast as she could and kinda fussing cause she wanted in on the action. Caleb grabbed Grace's arm as we went by and said "come on Grace, get on my lap!".
Caleb is a wonderful brother.
We are blessed.

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