Thursday, January 31, 2008


"I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."
This was in an email that was forwarded to me today. I instantly thought of the kind of wife i am.
Lets just say i couldnt say this and pass the lie detector test and win my money.
I need to learn.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So i totally just stole this picture from Brit, but i had to! :) {thanks brit!}

This picture is what i always picture when i think of President Hinckley. I had many opportunities to go to conferences and devotionals at the conference center, and this is how he said hello and goodbye. a great smile and wave of the cane {the smile in this picture is one of the smaller ones I've seen!}. i even saw him jokingly poke people with his cane :) he was always so positive! if people who don't know him always just see the serious pictures of him {like in my post below}...they really wont get a feel for him. he was so upbeat and positive! he was a wonderful person to be in the presence of! There is no way you could be near him {be it, 100 rows away!} and not feel hopeful. i encourage you to go to Britni's blog and read the quotes she has posted. for now, i will steal one of these too :)

"I come to you tonight with a plea that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life we try to 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and effort." (Be Not Afraid, Only Believe)

and a line from another: "Do not dwell on unkind things others may say about you." (How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream?)

It's amazing how he would always speak directly to me :)

President Hinckley

I keep thinking that i must post something...some sort of tribute to President Hinckley. Yet i haven't because i cant think of how to make it good enough to represent the love i had for him, or what a wonderful man he was, the Prophet. So maybe I'll do it in clips. And hopefully i will do it through following his example. and by doing what he asked and using my resources {in this case my blog} to share my faith.
i wanted to start by posting Glenn Beck's tribute to him, because i shared the same reaction. when i was told of his passing, there wasn't sadness. i was so excited for him and his wife. Because of the knowledge i have, i have peace because i know that he still lives. i know that he is in paradise, continuing to teach, love...and just be a great example of how to follow Christ. and i know he is with his wonderful wife. that they have each other eternally. i am grateful that i know this. We had a man who was very dear to our family pass away a few weeks ago, and i felt the same peace. knowing that he lives, that he is in a good place, and that i will see him again.
there are certainly times of sadness...that i have to be without him for the remainder of my time here. i asked my husband "who will keep the men in line now!?!" :) "who will tell the women how special we are?" i am grateful that we live in a time where we can pull up clips on the internet, and talks from the ensign. That our modern day prophet has left scripture for us, sharing our saviors love for us. I am greatful for our Heavenly Fathers loving plan for us.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

to share or not to share?

Well, there is a giveaway that i am very excited about and wanting to win....and sharing would decrease my chances of winning....but maybe the carma will help!?!?!?! :)
But really, hop over to Design Mom and enter this great contest! and if you win just give me a pair of the shoes, atleast! :) and maybe the warmsie onsie? and the lip balm? and the passion vine Minky Blanket?!? but thats it. i'll settle for just those treats as a thank you for telling you of the giveaway! :) i'm so nice!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sugar cookies

What i wouldn't give for one of my sugar cookies right now. but i am sick {probably because my immune system was down because i have been eating too much junk...such as my sugar cookies! but that's another post...} and don't feel like cooking. plus, these cookies are good right after they are made, but spectacular the 2nd day. so making them tonight wouldn't help me. it would only give me a ton of cookies to eat tomorrow...which wouldn't help me feel better!
But if anyone else is interested in an {easy} melt-in-your-mouth heavenly is the secret for soft and chewy...

Sugar Cookies
1 c. butter
1 1/2 c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 c. sour cream {key ingredient to soft sugar cookies}
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
5 c. flour

Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla. Add sour cream, then the dry ingredients. Roll out, cut, bake, and eat! Bake at 375 for 7-8 minutes.
Let cookies cool before frosting...

once you have the cookies mixed, you will probably think you need to add more flour. don't. for the melt in your mouth goodness the next day...don't. just flour your rolling pin {and surface, of course}. and i always roll them thicker than i think the average person would. it might call for an extra minute in the oven, but its worth the chew! they wont seem done when you take them out...but they will continue to stiffen as they cool.
mix some powdered sugar with an egg white, add a few drops of lemon juice...and you have yourself some great frosting too!



we need our own personal photographer so we will have some pics with us all in! {any takers...Ashley!?!?!}
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I never posted any pics from Gracie's "friends" party the Saturday after her birthday. We really didn't get many was pretty crazy. But we had a great time and are so grateful to have so many great friends with kids that our kids love.

Ashely Hooks {not to be confused with Anderson, who you usually hear about} made this great tutu set for Gracie! Isn't it so fun!?!?! :)

The bummer about having a January birthday is it's inside. {as you can see our house is crowded, and a lot of the people aren't even showing!} We love the summers so we can have cookouts. there are so many fun friends around! It was hard to only pick a few families! We love where we live! {and look forward to spring!}

This is a face i get to see a lot. I love the relationship that Daddy has with Gracie. I love the way his voice is different when he walks in the door and sees his princess. I predict lots of Daddy-Daughter dates :)
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Do I look FRESH or what!?! Notice the date in the bottom corner?
Yep, 6 years ago, this very day, I was baptized!

Do we both look a bit jittery!?!?

Do we look happy??? :)

My sister and me. I'm sure my sister would be upset if i didn't tell you all that she had pneumonia {which made her look wonderful :) love you titi!}.

Gena was baptized almost 16 months later!

I LOVE this guy!

Jackie Skinner and me. She was my first LDS friend "my age" besides the missionaries.

Ok, so apparently just because i was getting baptized was no reason to break tradition.

So Steve showed up 30 minutes late {as if i wasn't jittery enough!}

At the open house {at the Michies, who i wish i had a picture of!} after my baptism.

Are we GLOWING!?!

I just had to throw this in to give you an idea of "my missionaries".

Heavenly Father knew exactly who to send me.

The Missionaries.

From Left: Steve Cannon, Jennifer Ensign, Me, Heidi Richardson, Vance Daniels, and Taylor Lugo.

{There are actually 3 other missionaries that taught me that are not in this picture}

I don't even know what to say or where to start. The gospel is the most important thing in my life, yet you could read my blog and, aside from one post, not even know it. This has been bothering me a lot lately. I tend to be an overwhelming person, and didn't want to do that with this...but how can i have a blog to show my family...and not even show the gospel?? Because that is not how it is. in fact, i can...with 100% certainty...say that i would not have my family with out the gospel. It is what brought us together, and it is what keeps us together.

Steve and Taylor were my first missionaries. They knocked on my door {well, actually my neighbors...but I'll tell that story another time}. Thinking back on the anybody other than HF, the timing couldn't have seemed worse. I don't want to get into the yuck of it all...but lets just say that if i saw someone living as i was i would never think there was any chance they would be interested in the gospel. And as you saw above, it took me a while to get baptized. But its not because i needed time to find out it was true. in fact, there was never a point when i had to question if it was or not. i knew. See, i didn't grow up with religion. i knew very little of organized Christianity. I knew they believed there was a God, and that when you died you either go to heaven or hell. pretty sure that's all i my head. But i now understand that there is a difference between knowing in your head, and knowing in your heart. as the missionaries taught me, they didn't teach me anything new. you see, i was with my Heavenly Father before i came to earth. When i came here my head forgot. i lived 18 years of my life really not remembering anything about Him. But as the missionaries would talk with all came back. I felt a peace that i can truly say i had never felt before. My life went from a whirlwind to just...understanding. not to say my life doesn't still feel dramatic at times...but its very different. there is a long term to everything that was never there before. there is a reason for being, for going through all the drama and doing my best to come out on top.

I now know that i am a daughter of my Heavenly Father. That He loves me so much and gave me the opportunity to come to earth, to receive my physical body and to prove myself to Him. To prove myself to myself. To show what i am worth. To show how much i love Him. I know i have a Savior who makes all of this possible. I don't fully understand how, and don't think i will until i am on the other side of this. But i know that Christ loves me and makes it possible for me to keep going. To work towards my potential. to start over every day, numerous times a day. To work to be somebody i can be proud to be. Somebody who can return to HF and say "i did it". I know that HF has not left us without direction. We have a living prophet. it blows my mind. what i wouldn't give to get to spend time with President Hinckley! What a spirit! What an understanding! I know that the Book of Mormon is a gift from HF {all the men who took the time to write, protect and bring it forth to us in this time} that it is true and guides me. It is amazing how it relates to me. I never questioned if it was true...but just didn't really get how it related to me. But as time has gone on and i have read it and applied it, i have began to understand and i love it! I know that there is a reason. That is something i had a hard time with before remembering the gospel. why was i having to do this? life seemed like a game i didn't like. i now know that i am growing and showing and learning and proving. i am given things {though sucky they may seem!} that help me. that HF loves me so much and he didn't send me here unprepared. and i have the resources all around me. HF also gives me wonderful people to help me on this journey. I have some very choice people that have the most amazing understanding and testimony and they help to lift me and guide me. people who confirm the feelings inside of me. people who let me know that my feelings are true and to keep going. who let me know that it is ok and good to be so different from the world and from so many around me. in particular, i know that my Heavenly Father has blessed me to have my sister Gena, Ashley, and Jennie. Cheesy to say, but i had to! We HAVE to help each other. we have SO MUCH working against us. we have to work for each other. I fall so short at this so many times every day. yet i know i will get there. i know my HF needs me to share this incredible testimony with others. i know that he has blessed me with my testimony. i know it doesn't come so easy for everyone. that is not to brag. in fact, its to compensate for where i am weak. But i have eternal knowledge that must be shared. we live in a world where evil abounds. were the bad is trying desperately in the last days to take anything he can. and it is everywhere. and it is small, and it is big. from the media to the food we eat. i expect everyone around me to take a stand for right...yet what am i doing? so this is my first step. i have been terribly nervous to offend someone, but then the thought comes that its not offensive. This is a message of love. and while i can be quite judgemental, the gospel is not. We are here, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us back. and they will fight for us. and they will forgive us. we can be made new. the old will be forgotten. I am living proof.

While i know that to some i will seem weird, and to some radical...and to some offensive... i still want to share who i really am. behind all these posts of my happy times and things that excite me, there is a driving force. The greatest truth on this earth. the most important thing that anybody could possibly know. who am i to be so blessed and not post that? the happiest times aren't when i go swimming, get a new van, celebrate a birthday {or even find great tutus!}...they are when i feel the spirit. when i feel a peace from the gospel of Jesus Christ. When i feel hope from my testimony. I cant imagine seeing someone in heaven and knowing that i could have shared this truth with them and didn't. and while typing at my computer {and probably not making any sense to a lot of people} doesn't really get the job done...for a terrified girl with shaking hands, its a start.

Happy Anniversary Me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


We have never said Caleb isn't smart! :) Caleb had three "cupcakes".
Meaning: Caleb ate the icing off of three cupcakes...
{i knew this would the icing was just whipped heavy cream with a touch of sugar :)
i'm not stupid either!}
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and i just thought these were cute...
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i never updated that Gracie took steps. and more steps and more steps. shes doing a lot of walking today {i think the stroller helped convince her!}. Here are some pictures of her walking on her birthday. She normally walks when she isnt thinking about to get her to show her walk off i really had to work. walking really doesnt show well in pictures, does it!?!?
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One of Gracies birthday gifts was a doll stroller. She loves it! She pushes it around constantly. Plus its nice because it actually makes her play with her doll {that Santa brought and she previously had no interest in}. I'm not sure if who likes it more though...Caleb or Gracie. Its the hardest toy for them to share yet!
Another gift that she received was the bracelet/necklace set. She has about as much interest in them as she had in the doll!
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There really are no messy pictures of this. Gracie was pretty weary of the cupcake. i even had to feed her some with a spoon before she would eat any! :) so she had a few bites...and then was done. Which was sad for picture purposes...but nice to the tummy! :)
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Darling was born ONE year ago! Happy Birthday Gracie! We love you so much!
{more to come...}

Monday, January 14, 2008


So, with Graces birthday just around the corner...
and mom really wanting her to start her tutu wardrobe...
i made some discoveries i had to share! :)

{i'm a black girl...all the way!}

nobody can argue with this!

this is a favorite!

could this be any more perfect for a birthday girl!?!?!


this looks like a day at the park outfit to me! i dare you to argue!! ;)

she is my little bunny!