Sunday, January 6, 2008


So its January 6, but its never too late...right!?!?
Here are some Christmas pictures!
Caleb got an easel from santa. he LOVES it. he has painted and drawn so many pictures each day sense Christmas! We are so glad santa knew him so well! on the other hand, santa brought Gracie the doll. can you see how much she loves it!?!? every time i would hand it to her she would toss it over her shoulder and go back to the easel! :) at least she likes the easel. and i love the doll, and am sure that in time she will have a blue-haired best friend! :) {you cant see the best part about the doll...her face is covered in freckles!} Caleb also got a bunch more animal figures, which i had to share because he would set them each up as he opened them and i thought it was adorable. so caleb of him! :)
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samantha said...

the sad thing was i was having just as much fun as caleb:P