Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When i left the gym last night, i had the urge for ice cream. i must have looked nuts. Still in workout clothes and all sweaty i stood in line at the grocery store with three boxes of ice cream in my arms! One of which was Pet Chocolate Cream Pudding Pie Ice cream. I am addicted. It is perfect. The cookie crumbs are what does it for me.
The problem?
Coming in at 180 calories for 1/2 cup...that means i'm eating at least 360 calories each time i indulge! AND 44% of my daily allotment for saturated fat. after watching the biggest looser last night, i'm bugged. just not enough to keep me from eating it for lunch.
It is a must try. {and buy one get one free at foodlion right now!!}


Heather said...

Pet is one of the best ice cream brands. They don't get the recognition they deserve!

Playful Professional said...

Well at least you made it to the gym. I sat on the couch watching Biggest Loser eating a chocolate orange. Probably just as many calories as your ice cream, but it does sound delicious!