Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I never posted any pics from Gracie's "friends" party the Saturday after her birthday. We really didn't get many was pretty crazy. But we had a great time and are so grateful to have so many great friends with kids that our kids love.

Ashely Hooks {not to be confused with Anderson, who you usually hear about} made this great tutu set for Gracie! Isn't it so fun!?!?! :)

The bummer about having a January birthday is it's inside. {as you can see our house is crowded, and a lot of the people aren't even showing!} We love the summers so we can have cookouts. there are so many fun friends around! It was hard to only pick a few families! We love where we live! {and look forward to spring!}

This is a face i get to see a lot. I love the relationship that Daddy has with Gracie. I love the way his voice is different when he walks in the door and sees his princess. I predict lots of Daddy-Daughter dates :)
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Ashley said...

That tutu is soooo cute! I mean really, where did you get it, I want one for my BOYS! hehe. thanks for putting pics up, now my sister can see it.

Playful Professional said...

That tutu is darling. I love it. When I have a baby girl will you get me one?

Bamma said...

I'm sorry that I missed the "Kid's party"... I would've taken the pix for you. Love, Bamma!

Bamma said...

P.S.- Tutus rock! ~ Bamma