Tuesday, January 29, 2008

President Hinckley

I keep thinking that i must post something...some sort of tribute to President Hinckley. Yet i haven't because i cant think of how to make it good enough to represent the love i had for him, or what a wonderful man he was, the Prophet. So maybe I'll do it in clips. And hopefully i will do it through following his example. and by doing what he asked and using my resources {in this case my blog} to share my faith.
i wanted to start by posting Glenn Beck's tribute to him, because i shared the same reaction. when i was told of his passing, there wasn't sadness. i was so excited for him and his wife. Because of the knowledge i have, i have peace because i know that he still lives. i know that he is in paradise, continuing to teach, love...and just be a great example of how to follow Christ. and i know he is with his wonderful wife. that they have each other eternally. i am grateful that i know this. We had a man who was very dear to our family pass away a few weeks ago, and i felt the same peace. knowing that he lives, that he is in a good place, and that i will see him again.
there are certainly times of sadness...that i have to be without him for the remainder of my time here. i asked my husband "who will keep the men in line now!?!" :) "who will tell the women how special we are?" i am grateful that we live in a time where we can pull up clips on the internet, and talks from the ensign. That our modern day prophet has left scripture for us, sharing our saviors love for us. I am greatful for our Heavenly Fathers loving plan for us.



Ashley said...

I just wanted to say, one of the things I love the most about the church is its order/organization. I know what you meant by asking your husband "who will keep the men in line...." but, it gives me strength to know that whoever is sustained as our next prophet will be just as amazing and wonderful as Hinckley. And that man will make sure our men know that we are wonderful women. The absolute order of the church and the knowledge that we are never without priesthood leadership gives me comfort everyday.

GrowingRopers said...

you are so right. i am glad you pointed it out. it is truly Heavenly Fahters gospel. He will not leave us. I am so grateful for the revelation that we are led by!