Monday, January 7, 2008


so i just realized i was tagged {a while ago, by 2 different people!}. I have kinda pulled myself out of the blog world lately so didn't even know the "tagging" was happening! :)
so it sounds like i am supposed to tell 6 facts about myself that people might not know, then tag 6 other people. I've only read one other persons facts, so hope i do this right...

hummm, this is hard for me because i am a pretty darn open to think of something people dont know is not too easy.

1) I went sky diving when i was 18 and loved it! It was so peaceful, despite how its depicted as such a fast paced rush! i would love to go again, but dont know if i would while my kids are young. oh, and my main chute didnt open, so we had to use the backup. yet still relaxing.

2) I have a lot of strong desires for myself that i never seem to chase. I would love to start a card company, love to learn to decorate cakes {check out Cake Girls!}, and love to get a degree in something {anything!} that would allow me to work around being a stay at home mom, if i ever needed to! {back to the card company and cake decorating!}

3) i am a mess! in SO many ways, but for times sake we'll just say i'm talking about literal mess. :) i need organization...bad!

4) i have done 5 and 6, so this is my last one...think think think....ok, jake came up with it...i did the gallon challenge and "won".

5) My life changed drastically almost 6 years ago. You wouldn't believe. {refer to #6}

6) Hopefully you all know this, but it has to be on my list! The most important thing in my life is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most important. Without it, i would not have my family. and with it, my family can be eternal.

I tag Ashley, Geneva, Missy, Erika, Heather H, and Lindsey. Lets hear these facts, ladies! :)


Heather said...

Gee, I've never been tagged before. I've not been blogging much lately, so I don't know who else I can tag, since you already took the other people I know! But I will do it on my other blog - - not my family one.

samantha said...

gracie-"like this caleb"
caleb-"yeah gracie but you have to look at the camera"
:]i adore them<3