Saturday, February 23, 2008

President Hinckley

I saw this post tonight and wanted to share. There is a picture of President Hinckley at his wifes funeral that is priceless. I bet he looked similar when he saw her again! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Announcements Galore

If you would like a chance to WIN announcements or invitations from Announcements Galore ...hop over to Playful Professional and check out her giveaway! Your chances are good!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting them all together wasnt easy!
We need Ashley!

Matching Hats

Cousins Caleb and Henry got matching hats {gymboree sale!}. They both dig it! :)
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Chef Caleb

We had a family-cookie-making good time the other night! I need to get kid sized aprons! :)
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Henry {cousin} was here durring bath time and now that hes sitting up we decided to toss him in too. Gracie thought it was cool to have another bath toy! :) She splashed him so much that we had to take her out early...but they had a great time!! I see many more baths to come! How many kids can you fit in one bath tub??
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I am a very "at your own pace" kinda mom {aka lazy :( }. Caleb knows his shapes, but we have never tried drawing them. Today Papa drew a circle for caleb and handed him the pen with a "you do it" and off caleb went. Big circles at first, then very small circles. and he would do them in either direction {starting off going left or right}. needless to say i was impressed. I never teach the poor kid anything, but he just gets it and is like "hello mom, i know how to do this!" :)

On that note, i dont have a picture but wanted to share...We dont teach our kids to fold their arms and pray with us...we just kinda let them do what they will while we say our prayers and hope they will follow our example. Caleb just kinda started folding his arms and bowing his head at some point {a long time ago} and gracie has reciently followed. One day i just happened to look over at her while we were praying and she was holding her elbows...crossing her arms ever so tight! :) a few days after she started bowing her head at the same time. If the prayer is too long she will loose focus and start moving around...then when she sees us all praying she remembers and resumes position. i love it! i love when my kids just catch stuff. they are both such good observers. which can also be scary. if i have a frustrated day...caleb also gets frustrated very easily. and so on and so forth...

{keep in mind spell check still isnt working!}
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You Made It!

Today we went to You Made It to paint a peice of pottery.
We picked out a plate/bowl for Caleb and had fun trying to be creative! So mostly mom painted...but caleb pitched in a little bit :) we are excited to pick up the finished product next week, and will show you all then!

You can kinda see the plate will be much brighter once its fired.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Like Mom

Jake and I were playing cards and all the sudden Gracie started crying... she had gotten my purse on just right {almost} and then decided she didnt want to grow up so fast! :)
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If you live in VA, dont forget to go VOTE today!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Over a year later, the adoption is {finally} finalized! {we had posted about when they were waiting for Jacob to be born here, on our old blog.} Jacob Loomis was able to be sealed to his parents, Chris and Jennie!

It was a wonderful day!
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I really need to get this hair under control!!
Any great styling product advise?!?!
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Apparently Gracie loves to get her hands in the dirt! :)

This poor plant! Jake got it for me when i was in labor with Caleb, almost 3 years ago. It has {barely!} survived me...and i'm just not sure if it will make it through Grace!
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More Bath Fun

I love bathtime pictures!
Something about the water, or their soft skin showing...
I love that i often catch Caleb and Gracie just looking at eachother smiling.
Or lately they look at eachother and then one of them laughs and the other follows.
Its their new game, and i love it!

Caleb swims around and around the tub, moving Gracie from side to side.

Today he was a crockadile!

Caleb being a crockadile. He loves to play games where he "eats" gracie. She was kinda over it by the time i took this picture, but she normally cracks up when he is pretending to eat her...especially if hes "eating" her feet! :)

Proof that my child Rocks! :)