Friday, February 15, 2008


I am a very "at your own pace" kinda mom {aka lazy :( }. Caleb knows his shapes, but we have never tried drawing them. Today Papa drew a circle for caleb and handed him the pen with a "you do it" and off caleb went. Big circles at first, then very small circles. and he would do them in either direction {starting off going left or right}. needless to say i was impressed. I never teach the poor kid anything, but he just gets it and is like "hello mom, i know how to do this!" :)

On that note, i dont have a picture but wanted to share...We dont teach our kids to fold their arms and pray with us...we just kinda let them do what they will while we say our prayers and hope they will follow our example. Caleb just kinda started folding his arms and bowing his head at some point {a long time ago} and gracie has reciently followed. One day i just happened to look over at her while we were praying and she was holding her elbows...crossing her arms ever so tight! :) a few days after she started bowing her head at the same time. If the prayer is too long she will loose focus and start moving around...then when she sees us all praying she remembers and resumes position. i love it! i love when my kids just catch stuff. they are both such good observers. which can also be scary. if i have a frustrated day...caleb also gets frustrated very easily. and so on and so forth...

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denning dialog said...

isnt that the sweetest? when you look over at your BABY and here they are folding their arms (or brooke clasps her lil fists together)-it makes you feel like you are doing something right- especially if you weren't trying shows how much they are paying attention to our every move.

Charityb said...

Thats so cute, Briana was the same way, we have mentioned it a couple of time, please fold your arms, but both my girls are on there own time kinda kids. And one day, I just noticed she was folding her arms and now she is great at it. The other day she mimicked her sisters prayer and said Heavenly Father in you know the baby way, but it was precious, oh and she yells Mamen and the end of every prayer, talk in church and testimony, that's fun and Loud!