Saturday, March 22, 2008


ok so we all have mentors, right? at least i hope you do...we all have people who help us grow, learn and just be better. with anything crafty {and much more}, my mentor is Ashley. Before meeting Ashley, i hadnt so much as made a card. We spent many LATE nights {or should i say early mornings! 4am early!} up together as roommates. Often she would teach me something. From the gospel, to what friend means, to {of course} crafts. I vaguely remember her shock when i told her i had never made a card or scrapbooked. I remember her jumping off her bed {think college room=cement blocks} and pulling out papers and embellishments in excitement to teach. {have i ever mentioned i love Ashley???}
As i've become a wife, she also chipped in with the kitchen crafts... {i'm grateful for patience!!!}
i think one reason that ashley still answers her phone when i call around dinner time {bec she must know im about to ask her yet another question} is because she knows what its like to be taught and have someone help you. and the best part is that my sister has called me a few times now.... oh the circle of life! :) So i'm not only grateful for Ashley when i go to cook or take a picture or make a card or sew an elephant or read my scriptures...i must also be grateful for Lindsey {her all-wise-in-the-kitchen sister} and Jennifer {the sister-in-law behind the amazing pictures!!! you must see!} and Kelli {articulately herself!} and {of course!} her Mom and Dad {who as you can see go after their dreams and taught their girls to be beautiful women}.
For whatever reason this is what i'm thinking about today. So here's to you...wonderful mentors and examples found all over the world...

{you deserve the world}


Ashley said...

Wow Em, what a sweet post! The funny thing about that is I think I've learned just as much from's interesting how friendship works! I love you and all that you are!

Playful Professional said...

I think one of my best mentors is my mom :)