Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I dont want to hear it...

Alright, I need help. Trying to go bathing suit shopping...meaning hours in stores...just isnt possible with my two kids. I have ordered 2 from online. Apparently my tummy is bigger than i had previously thought {this is where the "i dont want to hear it" comes in}. I need something not so fit. Seeing as how i pumped my boobs away, the neckline really doesnt matter...there is nothing to show. So that is a plus when bathing suit shopping and trying to keep it modest. But the bathing suits i have gotten both show my tummy wayyy...yyy too much. Can we say "gutt"?
"what about the one pictured above?" you ask...
well $164 is about double what i want to pay for the perfect suit! in fact two of these suits would buy me the diamond hoop earrings i want {well, close...}.
SO if you have stumbled across the perfect suit {for me}, or if you just know of a good place to shop, tell me. email me. call me. fly a dove. smoke signal. or just leave a comment.
cause i have proven to myself {twice} that i cant do this on my own!

Keep the milk flowing...

Caleb is quite familiar with nursing and pumping...between his Titi and myself he has seen it a lot! :) Well when we stopped by my sisters the other day Caleb saw a pump sitting on the table and jumped right in. and i must say he has great technique!
Then a couple days later we were at home and Caleb came up to me with puckery fish lips as i was sitting at the computer. He pulled at my shirt and i laughed bac he likes to blow zerberts {or whatever your family calls them. raspberries?} on my tummy. Well he climbed into my lap and did NOT blow zerberts on me. He bit my...well lets just say he doesnt remember how to nurse so he was just trying something! {let me add a side note that this was all happening over my shirt as some of you are wondering right now :) }
THEN Henry and Titi were down at our house and Titi laid down with henry to nurse him at which point Caleb started inspecting his nipple and asked "Titi, can I nurse henry?" and began to try. This isnt the first time he has tried to nurse Henry. and he is so sincere in his efforts. And i am rolling on the floor laughing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

So it's not letting me post a picture to go with this...but never fear, just click here to get the printable version of the great Earth Day coloring book! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


Most of you know that there was a very fun period of time that i struggled with caleb taking his diaper off during nap times and playing with his poop...
So i'm thinking that jake must have done this and it must be genetic! Because i know i wouldn't do such a thing ;) and now Grace has done it. I must say that it was my fault bec i put her down with no pants on. She had never shown any interest in her diaper {or wanting to take it off} and she doesn't generally have a poopy diaper during naps. But now i know and pants it is! :)
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I'm thinking that I've posted about them before...but they are 2 post worthy if that's the case :)
A while back a local toy store opened in Staunton. Pufferbellies.
Susan {mother} and Erin {daughter} have a tallent: everything kids!
The first time in their store i was as a little kid at Christmas. It's Awesome. They have everything cool. From the products they sell to their decorations...and its topped off with them {Susan and Erin}. I mean, its great to go find inspiring toys...but better when it locally owned by "mom and pop"...or in this case mom and daughter...right!?! I just feel good going there and supporting them instead of walmart or target, who doesnt!?
They have grown and hired help, but are still the same great shop. i mean i have never walked into target and had someone say "HI CALEB!". But you pay for what you get, right? you have to spend more to support local, right? WRONG. in fact, if anything their prices are LOWER. i have yet to find something cheaper anywhere else {besides ebay}. I thought that their oball was more expensive when i saw it for a lower price at target...but i was wrong...the target one is smaller than the one they sell.
On Caleb's birthday we decided to stop by and play for a while {did i mention they have LOTS of great toys out for your kids to play with!?!?}. While there i saw these Hog Wild Zoo Pops. We are in love {yeah, i had to get them}. They work perfectly.

And the best part??? Less than $13!!! {do a search for them and you'll find them for $14.50}
They are super easy and such an upgrade to the no-shape homemade pops we are all used to. last summer i found star pops and thought that was cool...they don't compare. need an added bonus? it comes with lost of easy recipes for different pops. cream pop anyone???
If you havent been...go. And check out this calendar to pick a time that a storytime or other event is going on. enjoy.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So i still havent posted about it...but yes, we did make it to DISNEY. We got to hang out with Jakes side of the family and, of course, go to disney world. we had a great time! It was FUN yet exhausting. The best part was definately seeing Caleb with family that he doesnt see so much. He is still talking about his "cousin leilani" non stop. And Uncle Tima...and everyone else!
Caleb {almost 3} Briana {almost 2} Gracie {1} and Leilani {5}

There are lots of pictures like this...stopped to watch a show.
Charity {jakes younger sister} is so good with my kids. With two of her own, she always still managed to be playing with them :)
Caleb giving Papa a workout :)
"It's a Small World"
Look at those tired eyes...and grace's too! ;)
The resort we stayed at had awesome water parks! It always took us 10 minutes to get in though..bec this fountain was right at the entrance!
Papa Steve, Gracie and Leilani
Watching the parade. Cinderella.

Burned Finger

Daddy burned his finger. I normally dish up {that sounds redneck} jakes dinner, but it was a bit hectic the other night and poor jake had to do it himself...
apparently i need to make time to dish up his dinner for him!
He spilled a sauce on his hand and this is the result. The bubble is gone now and all that bubbled skin is turning black and falling off. Yumm.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A few weeks ago i was able to take some pictures of Chris and Jennie Loomis's new addition: their Princess Penelope :)
Between sickness, vacation...and just life...i never got around to posting them until now. She is a cutie pie and i cant wait to get the chance to take more pictures!