Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keep the milk flowing...

Caleb is quite familiar with nursing and pumping...between his Titi and myself he has seen it a lot! :) Well when we stopped by my sisters the other day Caleb saw a pump sitting on the table and jumped right in. and i must say he has great technique!
Then a couple days later we were at home and Caleb came up to me with puckery fish lips as i was sitting at the computer. He pulled at my shirt and i laughed bac he likes to blow zerberts {or whatever your family calls them. raspberries?} on my tummy. Well he climbed into my lap and did NOT blow zerberts on me. He bit my...well lets just say he doesnt remember how to nurse so he was just trying something! {let me add a side note that this was all happening over my shirt as some of you are wondering right now :) }
THEN Henry and Titi were down at our house and Titi laid down with henry to nurse him at which point Caleb started inspecting his nipple and asked "Titi, can I nurse henry?" and began to try. This isnt the first time he has tried to nurse Henry. and he is so sincere in his efforts. And i am rolling on the floor laughing.

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