Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm thinking that I've posted about them before...but they are 2 post worthy if that's the case :)
A while back a local toy store opened in Staunton. Pufferbellies.
Susan {mother} and Erin {daughter} have a tallent: everything kids!
The first time in their store i was as a little kid at Christmas. It's Awesome. They have everything cool. From the products they sell to their decorations...and its topped off with them {Susan and Erin}. I mean, its great to go find inspiring toys...but better when it locally owned by "mom and pop"...or in this case mom and daughter...right!?! I just feel good going there and supporting them instead of walmart or target, who doesnt!?
They have grown and hired help, but are still the same great shop. i mean i have never walked into target and had someone say "HI CALEB!". But you pay for what you get, right? you have to spend more to support local, right? WRONG. in fact, if anything their prices are LOWER. i have yet to find something cheaper anywhere else {besides ebay}. I thought that their oball was more expensive when i saw it for a lower price at target...but i was wrong...the target one is smaller than the one they sell.
On Caleb's birthday we decided to stop by and play for a while {did i mention they have LOTS of great toys out for your kids to play with!?!?}. While there i saw these Hog Wild Zoo Pops. We are in love {yeah, i had to get them}. They work perfectly.

And the best part??? Less than $13!!! {do a search for them and you'll find them for $14.50}
They are super easy and such an upgrade to the no-shape homemade pops we are all used to. last summer i found star pops and thought that was cool...they don't compare. need an added bonus? it comes with lost of easy recipes for different pops. cream pop anyone???
If you havent been...go. And check out this calendar to pick a time that a storytime or other event is going on. enjoy.

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Megan said...

Thanks for the reminder of events. We went to story time today and it was awesome!