Sunday, April 13, 2008

So i still havent posted about it...but yes, we did make it to DISNEY. We got to hang out with Jakes side of the family and, of course, go to disney world. we had a great time! It was FUN yet exhausting. The best part was definately seeing Caleb with family that he doesnt see so much. He is still talking about his "cousin leilani" non stop. And Uncle Tima...and everyone else!
Caleb {almost 3} Briana {almost 2} Gracie {1} and Leilani {5}

There are lots of pictures like this...stopped to watch a show.
Charity {jakes younger sister} is so good with my kids. With two of her own, she always still managed to be playing with them :)
Caleb giving Papa a workout :)
"It's a Small World"
Look at those tired eyes...and grace's too! ;)
The resort we stayed at had awesome water parks! It always took us 10 minutes to get in though..bec this fountain was right at the entrance!
Papa Steve, Gracie and Leilani
Watching the parade. Cinderella.


Playful Professional said...

I'm going to Disneyworld in a month for a wedding and really excited actually. I should be trying to convince my in-laws to go to Islands of Adventure or another better coaster park (says my dad) but I'm pretty excited just to hang out and enjoy the sights at Disney. Glad you guys had a great time!

Megan said...

Great pictures! Looked like you had lots of fun and good weather.