Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sherandoah Lake

We went to Sherandoah Lake yesterday and enjoyed a very quiet beautiful day!

notice Grace's legs! i dont think she wanted to stand in the water. :)

Caleb kept announcing "look mommy, i'm swimming...i'm swiming...". It was quite funny!

I am so grateful that we have such beauty all around us here. I mean really, look at this GREEN that i get to enjoy while swimming. and the cost? $30 for a 12 month pass!!! umm, i'll take one!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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can you believe this?

caleb is so helpful!!


So i fully blame it on Gena for not getting my kids looking good :) But here are Papa's 3 grandkids :) {doesnt Henry look like a stud??}
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ward Camp Out

Our ward has a camp out each year. We eat dinner and go home each year. Maybe next year we'll invest in a tent. Its fun to get together though, and drive to the middle of nowhere to a beautiful farm.

Do you see the ketchup on her nose??

Around the campfire

Daddy missing Caleb, who we decided to leave home with Papa sense he wasnt feeling great. It was sad not having him for the fun. He would have had a blast. He seems to be feeling better this morning though :)
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh No!

'oh no, i cant believe you are taking pics of me with my hair like this mom!"

"oh well, it is what it is :) "
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The Hair

Gracie was playing on calebs bed with me and i thought that maybe i should get some pics of what Gracie looks like when we arent out and about with her hair up... crazy :) Its growing, and we love it.
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jakes bday was this week, and for dinner we went to massakki {jakes favorite restraunt}.

Ok so this is Caleb and Camden before the fire started.

And this is them once it started. dont see them? thats cause they are under the table :)

And this i just had to get {sorry camden}

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So {below} i posted about caleb being sick. i almost forgot this pic. This was earlier, before i realized he was sick. I put Caleb down for his nap {as i do every day}. but unlike every other day...when Caleb does not sleep...this time he didnt come out of his room. Two hours later he still didnt come out, so i went in...and found this...

taking the pics woke him up but it was worth getting this memory hard copied :)
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Sick Man :(

So Sunday Caleb was...NUTS. As in the least obedient he's ever been. Then Monday hes an ANGEL. Tuesday was Jakes b-day and we went out to dinner and he was PERFECT. {he even ate his food, which NEVER happens!} By wed i was starting to wonder if he had been abducted by some very sweet aliens. all Caleb wanted to do was snuggle. "hold me mamma" was a constant. Then as the day went on caleb and i were sitting on the couch and he was crawling al over my and laying on my lap then he suddenly stopped moving. he was...ASLEEP! Now let me explain that this is the first time anything even remotely like this has happened. he had fallen asleep on the couch ONCE before, and it was late at night. Normally Caleb is 100 miles an hour, tired or not!
So i snuck off the couch and got this first picture.

I took Caleb to the Dr's and he thinks it might be a summer virus going around. Its sneaky bec you go through a few days where you dont really realize anything is wrong, then all the sudden there is a fever...and by that time everyone you have been around for the past week probably has it too :( {sorry guys!} So really the only symptom is that he has a fever which makes him really sleep...and really obedient and sweet. He's winning and crying a lot...but i have much more patience for that then when my 3 year old is yelling at me to "go away" or "shut up". So for me this has been bitter sweet. Is it even ok to admit that?!?! :) i've had a very loving angel for the past week.

After waking up from his nap {above...and did i mention Caleb naps about once a month...and 50 times this week!?!?!} I moved caleb to my bed and put Charlie and Lola dvd on...and again...he's out...
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busted Lip

Caleb fell tonight trying to climb on a chair. There was lots of screaming and blood for a couple minutes...then some ice, and you wouldnt have known anything had happened 5 minutes later. In fact, he wanted to call his Papa and papa was confused about how long ago it had happened sense Caleb sounded fine. He's always been this way. There have been times that i have wondered if he has the disease where you dont really feel physical pain. His sister makes up for his lack of pain-drama. she thinks if you look at her wrong thats pain...and lets you know it! :)

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Game Time Fun

Durring the lakers game, Gracie and Daddy were having a blast together. I had a blast watching, and caught some pictures at the tail end of the fun...

I see this face a lot. Its her "im being silly" face.
{she's watching the game}

Frizzed and Frazzled, but back to the game...

Henry {thrilled}

Titi steals lots of kisses! Don't they look like they love it!?!?
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