Thursday, May 1, 2008


NO...I'm NOT announcing I'm pregnant and naming him Hank. But i do look similar to the above pic at this moment...i just downed a bottle of Hank's Root Beer. Now I'm not a soda drinker, but my husband stopped by the grocery store on his way home last night...which i always ask him to do with hesitance bec i know he will get extra...and he picked up a couple bottles of Hank's.
So when i got home from the park and target i put the kids down for a nap, went straight to the freezer to grab a ice cream sandwich. But no, i refrained. {i havent eaten lunch yet at this point} So i opened the fridge instead to heat up some leftovers. But, the hank's jumped right into my hand! I'm pretty sure it even opened itself! I took the first sip {gulp} and i'm pretty sure i made a noise my hubby would have liked as i slowly enjoyed that first gulp. Then 30 seconds later all 12 oz are somehow in my belly.
Now because i'm not a soda drinker {though apparently i am good at it} by belly instantly GREW. I began frantically pacing around my living room patting my belly and ribcage trying to get the ball of fizz to come back out so i could once again breathe.


So a few points here...
1. I like the pic of when i was prego
3. Hanks Root Beer is really delicious
4. I'm definitely not pregnant :)
5. walking and patting your chest when you need to burp works
and 6. I'm eating an ice cream sandwich as i type this {still with no lunch}



Playful Professional said...

If it makes you feel better all I ate today was a small breakfast burrito, some pineapple, and two cookies from Subway. Yum!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Random and darling you are...and kinda all over the place with this post! (Hence, the random.)

I just HAD to come over and say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope yours is full of love and laughter!


Rach said...

You do look pretty I looked like a blimp... just ask Missy, she has the photo to prove it...