Friday, May 23, 2008

Sick Man :(

So Sunday Caleb was...NUTS. As in the least obedient he's ever been. Then Monday hes an ANGEL. Tuesday was Jakes b-day and we went out to dinner and he was PERFECT. {he even ate his food, which NEVER happens!} By wed i was starting to wonder if he had been abducted by some very sweet aliens. all Caleb wanted to do was snuggle. "hold me mamma" was a constant. Then as the day went on caleb and i were sitting on the couch and he was crawling al over my and laying on my lap then he suddenly stopped moving. he was...ASLEEP! Now let me explain that this is the first time anything even remotely like this has happened. he had fallen asleep on the couch ONCE before, and it was late at night. Normally Caleb is 100 miles an hour, tired or not!
So i snuck off the couch and got this first picture.

I took Caleb to the Dr's and he thinks it might be a summer virus going around. Its sneaky bec you go through a few days where you dont really realize anything is wrong, then all the sudden there is a fever...and by that time everyone you have been around for the past week probably has it too :( {sorry guys!} So really the only symptom is that he has a fever which makes him really sleep...and really obedient and sweet. He's winning and crying a lot...but i have much more patience for that then when my 3 year old is yelling at me to "go away" or "shut up". So for me this has been bitter sweet. Is it even ok to admit that?!?! :) i've had a very loving angel for the past week.

After waking up from his nap {above...and did i mention Caleb naps about once a month...and 50 times this week!?!?!} I moved caleb to my bed and put Charlie and Lola dvd on...and again...he's out...
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