Sunday, July 27, 2008

I came across this Calorie Counter today. It lists the major fast food chains and gives their nutritional guides. If this wont cut back your fast food consumption, i dont know what will!

Burger King Double Whopper w/ Cheese
Calories 1020 Fat Cal 590 Fat g 65 Sat fat 25 Sodium 1460

McDonald's French Fries (super size)
Calories 610 Fat cal 260 Fat g 29

McDonald's Steak & Egg Cheese Bagel
Calories 700 Fat Cal 320 Fat g 35 Sodium 1290
Wow. or should i say Yuck...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

my little listener

Caleb was just kinda frolicking around the house and i decided to pay attention to what it was he was singing. "Its too late apologize. too late. too late apologize. too late..." Seeing as how its the first song that comes up on my blog i guess hes just picked it up. I didnt even know he payed attention...
He's growing up fast.

Mauve Face Palette

I'm excited for this falls face palette at Bobbi Brown, and thought I would share!

And you can even get the how to here!

Another FYI: Clinique is having their Gift soon. Starts Aug 5th {atleast in the c-ville Belk}. its a pretty good one...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here we go...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

These pictures are from June, but dont think i posted them. Never too late, right?
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Sam and Cheyenne, getting ready to show us some of their dances. They were recently in a ballroom competition where they won first place {yes, they...they were partners cause there were more girls than guys and sense they knew each other they decided to just dance together. worked out well though sense they won!}. They showed us close to 10 different dances they did. It was kinda like watching So You Think You Can Dance!

Its not easy to photograph ballroom in the dark! But it was fun to watch!
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us watching sam and cheyenne dance

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More safari

{sorry everything is posted backwards...i didnt feel like taking the time to post backwards so you could read them in order...but here are our last few weeks...not in order :) }

So this first picture is when i convinced my sister to get out of the car {did i mention you are not supposed to leave your car} and go hug the baby llama. she headed out and then the mom came running...and sam came running back.

If you know me you probably know that im not a big fan of birds...especially caged in with them! But Caleb wanted to go through the walk in aviary with all the birds and he was a bit scared so he wanted me to go with him. i dont want him to be afraid of stuff like this so i had to act like i wasnt and go on in. i lasted a few minutes before heading out and taking pictures from the outside in. i must say though, these birds were gorgeous. and caleb got to feed them which was very exciting for him!

Notice the baby in pouch?? kinda alien, actually.

For some reason caleb loved this big ugly pig. maybe it reminded him of his Papa Steve in Ca that he misses so much?? ;)

This is as we were driving up to enter the safari.

Mommy and Caleb {jake actually used to call me Kanga and Caleb Roo}

Caleb and Gracie

Cheyenne, Caleb and Sam

Caleb wanted to touch it


Before my little sister left to go home, we spent a day at the Natural Bridge Safari Park. Its "180 acres of drive-thru adventure"! Truly. I was semi-excited to go, but had a BLAST. It was really amazing. i was shocked something that awesome was so close and i had never been! The $12 per person is well spent! Once you have your pass you can go thru as many times as you want for that day. so we drove thru the safari then went and got lunch, then did the petting zoo part, then drove thru again. it took the whole day and we all had huge smiles the whole time. So to name some of the animals we saw {and felt and fed}...E African Bongo, Ostrich, Emu, Rhea, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Axis Deer, Pere David Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk {all 1000 lbs of him!}, Dromedary Camel, Bactrain Camel, Giraffe, Bongo, Llama, Oryx {3 breeds}, Eland, Blackbuck {india, not us}, nilgai, wildabeest, yak, bison, swamp water buffalo, scotch highland cattle, watusi, pot-bellied pig, zebra {beautiful!} many more in the petting zoo area. more giraffe, kangaroo, lorikeets, huge turtles, goats, monkeys {a few different breeds}, tigers, warthogs, flamingos...i'm sure i missed some! there were lots! These pictures are not in order, sorry. i had hundreds of pictures that i needed to narrow down. I couldnt believe how beautiful some of the animals were. not the birds. i dont like birds! :) and they would weasel their little heads in looking for food and the whole car would be screaming and laughing as i was trying to drive away with their head still in the window {not to kill them, just to get away}. The only anmials that wouldnt come right up {and into!} your car are the babies. they are still naturally skittish. I would highly recommend it though!