Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More safari

{sorry everything is posted backwards...i didnt feel like taking the time to post backwards so you could read them in order...but here are our last few weeks...not in order :) }

So this first picture is when i convinced my sister to get out of the car {did i mention you are not supposed to leave your car} and go hug the baby llama. she headed out and then the mom came running...and sam came running back.

If you know me you probably know that im not a big fan of birds...especially caged in with them! But Caleb wanted to go through the walk in aviary with all the birds and he was a bit scared so he wanted me to go with him. i dont want him to be afraid of stuff like this so i had to act like i wasnt and go on in. i lasted a few minutes before heading out and taking pictures from the outside in. i must say though, these birds were gorgeous. and caleb got to feed them which was very exciting for him!

Notice the baby in pouch?? kinda alien, actually.

For some reason caleb loved this big ugly pig. maybe it reminded him of his Papa Steve in Ca that he misses so much?? ;)

This is as we were driving up to enter the safari.

Mommy and Caleb {jake actually used to call me Kanga and Caleb Roo}

Caleb and Gracie

Cheyenne, Caleb and Sam

Caleb wanted to touch it

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