Sunday, August 17, 2008

As a young child i was around horses constantly. My best friend's family {who i was with daily} had a horse farm. Amy {my best friend} and i would saddle up as soon as we got home from school and be home for a late dinner. on weekends we would pack a lunch and leave in the morning and go where ever our hearts desired. Though i never got nearly as comfortable on a horse as Amy was, i loved it. I havent ridden for years. And the last time i did my back just coulnt handle it. {back surgery and all}

We went to Ashley's this past week and got to feed some of the horses that live on her family's farm. it was so peaceful and enjoyable {while it lasted!}. There was a colt who was so warm and friendly, and didnt bite Calebs fingers off! :) They were so gorgeous and friendly i just wanted to jump on one and run through the hills again. sounds a little cheesy, hugh! :)

Maybe someday...
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Anonymous said...

This is Denny. Well, you're just going to have to hang with our horses 24x7 when you come to visit. Dionne is up to 3 and feels a little isolated cuz nobody in the family ever wants to go ride the horsies.