Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caleb got his toe ran over by the grocery cart a couple months ago and its finally grown out to where its falling off. Ive tried to not point it out to him when i look at it bec i dont want him to mess with it, but he came running out of his room tonight yelling "i broke my toe!" too funny! he wasnt in pain or anything, just somehow noticed. He wanted each of us to look at it closely, so i offered to take a picture, and he jumped at the offer!

His face while pointing out his toe nail, i thought it was cute. mom goggles, i guess? :)

now i dont know, but i think he looks so old in this picture!
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Beck Family said...

He does look older, it's like a glimpse into the next couple of years!!

samantha said...

i miss you all so much! i hate that i dont get to see you all more and the only way i get to see you is through pictures:/ but we have such a gorgeous family and we're so blessed<3 i love and miss you bunches!