Friday, August 1, 2008

Henry's One!

Happy Birthday to our favorite nephew!
Not sure what Titi is doing during the singing of Happy Birthday!?
I dont think he actually consumed any of the cupcake, but he sure did play with it for a while! He didnt have it for 5 seconds before he stuck the iced side of the cupcake to his cheek. Too cute!
We tried cleaning him but decided he needed more time {he likes to eat napkins :) } i said...
Caleb sure was a big help with opening the presents. Good thing Henry is too young to care!
Every time Gracie saw the camera pointed at her she made this face. i guess its what she thinks we look like when we say cheese?!?
Nixsa made Henry this towel...Caleb had to try it {after Titi did!}.
Tutu gave Caleb this cool safari hat that has gotten lots of wear ever sense. Its his "finding animals hat". He took Rody out to find animals. he would even turn Rody in different directions and point out the animals that he saw so rody could see them.

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Ashley said...

How did the cupcakes turn out! Can't believe Henry's one!