Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Caleb started preschool on Sept 2nd. This is actually us getting ready to go to the open house the thursday before school started.

Calebs first school-morning-breakfast. many more to come.

I cant believe how big he's gotten!

He has a Diego backpack. i dont even think he knows who diego is {i say think because i often get shocked at what all he's picked up!}. I was disappointed at the backpack selection. Caleb did have a backpack from a book club we joined {shown in top pic} but the zipper broke the week before school. Gracie has a Dora backpack that matches calebs...she had to have what caleb had! she walks around the house pulling hers! :)
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Beck Family said...

I love it, so cute the grown up boy off to school, I love your family picture.