Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Jake "saved" a turtle that was crossing the road. In reality he saw it crossing and turned around to save it...but by the time he got back to it he had finished crossing...jake still wanted to feel like he saved he brought him home. :)

the kids were both so excited. grace didnt know what to think. she went between excited and was hilarious!

He even went and got icecream with us later that night.

Then when we got home caleb let him go so he could go find his family again {20 miles away}.
oh, and we named him speedy cause he truly was the fastest turtle ive ever seen. and he also wasnt nervous at all. he never pulled back in his shell or anything, even with the screaming kids holding him. Caleb looks in the back yard every day for speedy still :)
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geswinson said...

the turtle on the dashboard is cracking me up!