Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For quite a long time now Caleb has asked us "draw me a..." whatever animal {or list of animals} he likes that day. what you can see on this pic is my ostrich {it's legs at least} and my buffalo...yes, that is a buffalo, thank you very much!
Anyways! Caleb took the paper and pencil and went and sat down. he usually does. however this time he came back with this. i looked at it and knew it was a buffalo! See the bottom animal, thats what his animals normally look like. but his buffalo has a body, head, four legs and even fur, an eye and mouth! i was so excited! its a big step! you know, going from scribbles to actually doing something specific and making something real :) today at the dr's office {Grace's well-child checkup} caleb drew a bear. somehow during the hectic appointment i lost it though :(
He's really turning into a kid!!!
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