Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kansas 5- heading back home

This was a "park" that someone gave us directions to when we stopped to give the kids a break. Its someones back yard. at first we were so freaked we drove away but went back to take a pic and saw the elderly man who lived there and decided to go ahead and take advantage of it. Its actually really sweet...they are an old couple and they put this "playground" together and also a basketball court and putt putt course for the "community" to use. so if you ignore that most of the items on the playground are possibly lethal, it's cute :)
{dont even remember what mid-west state this is?}

The playground did the trick. West Va. Napping.
Caleb with a blanket over his head bec he was mad at me cause i asked him to nap so he hid his face...which worked against him bec he almost immediately fell asleep :)
{i made a breathing hole in the blanket after taking the pic}
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Anonymous said...

This is Denny. What, no picture of Caleb and I catching our fish? Caleb is a natural with a rod in his hands.