Saturday, January 31, 2009

California, this and that...

These are really not in any order, but at least they are here! :)
Uncle Tima playing with Gracie at Angel's wedding reception...under the cake table! :) we love Uncle Tima!
Dave Ward was Jakes young mens president, and still one of our very favorite people!
At the reception
Cousin Briana
Cousin Leilani
This little girl and Caleb were so cute together. she chased him and he ran...the whole reception! at one point she actually had him slow dancing {real slow dancing!} ...but then he ran!
Jake's Sisters
Grace and Breezy
Caleb and i spent a day at disney, just the two of us. We had all already been as a family the week before, but caleb and i wanted to go again, so grandma watched {sick} grace and caleb and i had a blast together!
Caleb really wanted to take a pic with mr incredible, but then got shy!
3-D movie
Mrs. incredible!
We had a birthday party for Grace in St George. This is her opening her PINK phone from her auntie charity and cousins...she's excited!

overlooking St George, one of my favorite places there.

mt meadow massacre site {sp?}

Downtown Disney, build-a-bear
caleb was supposed to be sleeping, but thought that if he hid inside the pillowcase i wouldnt see him walk by. the only problem is that he couldnt see where he was going and ended up in the bathroom instead of the living room. it was so funny!

Disney as a family {but im taking the picture, duhh}

Visiting with Santa, we bribed Grace with the candy cane, and that is all she cared about!

Uncle Josh and Caleb love to wrestle!

Christmas morning.

by the looks of daddy, caleb and grace...i'm glad i was taking the pictures and not in one! :)

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