Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gracie is TWO!

Gracie turned TWO! i'm not sure if im amazed because she is already two, or only two! :)
I have been so behind with everything lately, including blogging. i figured instead of trying to catch up i would just start from where i am now and i could go back if i ever feel inclined! :) To tonight we just had a small family party for grace. {i was planning a friend one but still havent gotten around to it and am thinking that it might just be too late now!}
there are a few more pics below, but i wanted to put these seperate cause i think they are funny!
Grace opening her jewlery box

Grace admiring her jewlery box {still allowing other to see too}

grace after she grabbed her jewlery box and ran away to look at it, alone.

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SumGreater said...

That is so cute. Her jewelry box is waaay cuter than mine. I love the ballerina. I'm glad she's got a good mommy like you to help her accessorize. =)