Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elder M. Russell Ballard said: 'Clear declaration of truth makes a difference in people's lives. That is what changes hearts' (Ensign, Nov. 2004, 41)
The first testimony that was shared with me was by a family friend. One night, after a long talk, she simply said to me "You know Emily, I don't know how you feel because I have never been in your shoes. But your Savior does know. Christ has felt what you feel and He is there for you."
That was it. It was truly that simple.
I had no religion in my life at this time. I knew the basic idea that Christ was someone in the Bible that died on a cross, but little else. And my friend knew this. But she didn't say to me "you know Emily, I believe....", she simply said what she knew...and she said it as fact because she knew it was.
So often, I find myself saying "well, I believe...", because I don't want to offend someone. But when I read this daily gem by Elder Ballard it really stood out to me.
My friend told me with loving boldness what was true. What she knew was fact... and I don't think that the Spirit would of had the opportunity to testify to me as it did if she hadn't said it as a truth she knew, if she had been wishy-washy.
That's my thought, and I'm stickin' to it :)

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SumGreater said...

Such a good quote. I've wondered before what would have happened to Alma if Amulek had given a travelogue of his 2 years in the wilderness and described how hard it was coming up with a good disguise instead of testifying boldly of their sins and the redemptive power of Christ. It comes to mind often on Fast and Testimony Sundays. For some reason, we even have trouble being bold with other believers.