Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sadly, my camera had a mind of it's own this morning and i didn't get any pictures of the kids with their gifts. It did decide to work later, so I took some pics of my surprise for the kids.

When I was roommates with Ashley, she hung a ton of hanging hearts from the ceiling over my head while i was sleeping...and i woke up to lots of love :) As valentines day neared this year i kept thinking back on that and how much it meant to me {i still have the hearts stored in a box}. I decided i want to do something special for the kid to wake up to on valentines day. So i started cutting, and cutting...until i had more hearts than i could count. Once i put the kids to bed i started hanging them all over the house, at the kids eye level. Once they had been asleep for a while i went in their room and hung them in there too {Gracie actually woke up the first time i was in the room hanging them...i just said "goodnight" and walked out and waited about 30 more minutes to try again}.


{Caleb's bed}

{Gracie's bed}

{the door inside}

Having to wait up to hang the hearts put me to bed late, so i wasn't even up to see the kids reaction :(
it makes me happy to see them hung all over the house though :)
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