Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i'm in love with http://nieniedialogues.blogspot.com/ . I don' know what words to put with the feelings i have for the entire situation. It's very mixed emotions. maybe: faith, love, reality, hope, optimism, eternal, sisters, family, enduring...beauty...
Todays really got me. I need to buy more tissues.

I generally get frustrated with the "if you think your life is bad, look at someone else who has it worse" idea. We are each given what we can handle. It isn't a comparison. I get the "count your blessings" idea...but think it could be said in a better way. What you're going through might seem like the worse possible to you, and thats valid. But the real beauty is knowing that there is greater purpose in life than what we can see at any given moment. Heavenly Father has a beautiful, loving plan for us.

If you want something inspiring in your life...follow her story.

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Jon and Lauren Swinson said...

Wow. I think I just spent an hour on NieNie Dialogues. (I totally lost track of time!) What a sad but beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!