Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caleb is getting so big! He has been dressing himself a lot lately. without me telling him too. this was what he came out wearing today. black t-shirt with a black and red jersey over it. black {church} pants. and his tenis shoes that have the most black. sounds like an outfit I would wear...maybe he's catching onto my love for black clothes :)
and the pose? not sure. it's his new thing if i tell him to smile for the camera.

This picture is about 8 hours later. same pose. messy face.

I wanted to get his messy hands in the picture, so i told him to hold them up...TOO cute {he's looking at his hands}! :)

This is his face after eating one of the See's Chocolate suckers. it looks much cleaner in the picture than it did in person!
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