Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{Heavenly Father is funny}

Caleb loves to snuggle in the mornings. He used to come in every day and snuggle with me for like 30 minutes. With getting ready for school and all that fun stuff we have going on now, it doesn't happen as much. However, yesterday morning it did. Caleb sleepily stumbled in the room and climbed in bed with me. After a few minutes of waking up, he told me "Heavenly Father is funny". I asked him why and he told me "Heavenly Father and Jesus put dreams on my ceiling while I sleep. Sometimes I'm even in them. Thats silly." I love my son so so much. so much. He is an absolute angel. Lately, he loves to tell me I'm silly. He uses the word ridiculous whenever he can. Although he says fridiculious :) He loves his Gracie so much and {in between pushing her around} he takes care of her and wants her to be happy. If she wants something of his and I tell her "Gracie, thats Caleb's, you need to find your own toy" he cuts in with "she can have it mommy." I love my kids.

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