Tuesday, March 15, 2011

while in the kitchen

If I had to make a short list of things I am grateful for, my sister would certainly be on it. However, that's not the point of this post...but it will come back around to that.

Today I made a meal that I love. It just happens to take a couple (or a few!) hours to make. While I was spending that time in the kitchen, my mind seemed to be overwhelmed with some thoughts.

Heavenly Father was aware of me, before I was aware of Him.

I have many many examples of this, but one in specific has stood out today.

My sister and I were both blessed with amazing college roomates. When I say amazing, what I really mean is AH-MAZ-ING. We were both blessed with someone who supported us, helped us to grow, helped to shape our identity, make us who we now are, gave our lives stability, and will be life long friends.

I've tried to write an explanation of why I feel this way, but my words just don't do it justice. so for now, I will simply record that fact: Heavenly Father blessed us with who we needed at that time in our lives. And while I am understandably closer to my roommate then Gena is (and vise-versa), I know that we love each others roommates dearly.

Have you ever loved someone, simply because of something you know about them? Because of something they have done for someone you love? I am so grateful for Gena's roommate. I love her dearly, simply because of who she has been and is in my sisters life. You can't always be there 100% for the people you love, but you can be grateful for others that you know are there at times that you aren't. Thank you, Leslie. I do love you!! :) And I love that I know that because my sister loves me so much, she feels the same about Ashley.

Someday, our roommates will have to meet. And the awesome thing is that I know that they will love eachother. Not only because they are both awesome girls, but because they love us.