Monday, April 25, 2011

caleb came into bed and snuggled with me this morning. we started talking and the topic lead to telling the truth. i explained to him that its important to tell the truth all the time so that when he tells me something i will know that i can believe him. caleb responded by telling me to pray about it. that when he tells me something and i dont know if its truen i should ask heavenly father is caleb telling the truth.then the spirit would let me know if he is telling the truth or not.
i just though this was so beautiful. a lot of times in moments like this i get excited that something i have specifically taught him has stuck. in this case there was no specific lesson. and i couldnt be more happy that caleb knows this truth.
fyi my phone isnt allowing me to use any capitol or puncuation besides periods. sorry...smiley face.

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