Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last night I went to sleep with one of those sorta "pleading with the Lord" type prayers. Our spiritual journey is full of peaks, plateaus, and dips. Lately I have been on a peak, feeling a spiritual high as I have felt my Father in Heaven's awareness of me, and my Savior's support in me. Unfortunately, we aren't always going to be on that spiritual high. With many things in my mind and lots of decisions to make, I was feeling aware of that spiritual high having faded over the course of this week. Without giving details of my prayer, I was pleading to rise above the plateau and continue to get direction from The Lord.

This morning as we were getting ready for our days, Caleb was a bit grumpy. The thought came to my mind to turn on some music. I grabbed my phone and pulled up my "church playlist" and put it on shuffle. (I rarely use shuffle.) The first song that popped up was "track 8". These are the songs at the end of my playlist, which is rather long, so they aren't always the songs that get much attention payed to them. I was craving something familiar, so I went to skip to the next song, but felt like I needed to leave it.
The song that ended up being Track 8 was Kenneth Cope's More. A song I have never really listened to before.

I am grateful for the knowledge that The Lord answers prayers. He is aware of us and loves us and wants to help direct us on a path towards our Savior. Towards happiness. This song was a perfect reminder to me.
I'm grateful that The Lord works "line upon line", that we are given what our mind is opened to and ready for at that point. That as we are ready for more, it is made available to us as we search for it. Plateaus happen. We get comfortable. But our Father in Heaven has made more available to us. Our Savior, through means I can't comprehend, makes it possible for us to continue to grow. And the spirit whispers to us when it's time for more.

I'm grateful that I could feel the spirit reminding me to recognize that I was not feeling the same as the week before. I'm grateful that I was guided to plead last night. I'm grateful that Caleb was having a rough morning, which prompted me to turn music on and hear an answer to prayer. Our Savior is in control. There is nothing he cannot help us to overcome. No trial, complacency or evil is stronger than our savior. And he is always there. Always waiting for us to turn our faces to him. Always waiting to comfort and guide us. I've never felt as blessed in my life as I have lately. I am grateful for second chances. And third and forth and infinite. I'm grateful beyond measure that in some phenomenal way, our Savior truly heals and changes our hearts. I'm grateful for those in this world that live in such a way to be answers to another's prayer. I feel overwhelming love as my Savior uses those around me to bless and guide me. I'm grateful for more, that I can do more and be more and have more. Peace love and happiness.

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